Spring into Style: Must-Have Children's Fashion Trends for March

Spring into Style: Must-Have Children's Fashion Trends for March

Spring has finally arrived at our store, filling the air with floral charm and magical vibes that tug at the heartstrings. As a parent of tweens, I still find immense joy in the bunny prints, beautiful florals, and soft pastels that adorn our shelves. The Alice and Bunny Hair Clip from Lilies and Roses adds a special touch, capturing the essence of this enchanting season.

Matching sibling outfits have become a sought-after favorite, thanks to Alex, our wonderful  manager, who has curated a delightful assortment perfect for spring and even swimwear. The vibrant Pink Chicken Botantical Orange Sibling Swimsuit Collection, in particular, feels refreshingly new and summery, promising twinning moments filled with sunshine.

As summer approaches, Appaman brings a burst of fun with bold graphic prints that evoke memories of campfires and outdoor adventures. From playful food prints to quirky designs like the Seagull carrying a boombox, these funny prints paired with Appaman's super-soft camp shorts are a staple for my son, offering comfort and style all season long. Prior to becoming a parent, I held firm in the belief that graphic prints wouldn't be a choice for my children's wardrobe. However, my perspective has shifted with my son's fondness for graphic and humorous prints. Now, I appreciate the playful and entertaining essence found in Appaman tees.

Another trend making a nostalgic comeback is smocking, reminiscent of the '90s and '00s but with a modern twist. Tops and dresses adorned with smocking details add a playful touch to any ensemble. My personal favorite is the Katie J Pink Gingham Emerson Dress, perfect for Easter and spring outings. Paired with the Mara Lilac Sweater, it creates a delightful look that perfectly blends my daughter's favorite colors, lilac and pink.

Step into our store and embrace these must-have fashion trends for March, celebrating the magic of springtime in style.